Rob - Bio


I have worked in music since the age of 16, both as a musician and composer, in a variety of styes and forms. Although having been a professional violinist and having worked for many years in classical orchestras, I also play the piano/keyboards and trumpet, as well as dabbling with the guitar, percussion and electronics (and anything else that comes to hand that you can bang, blow or scrape - including conducting bands and orchestras!).

Nonetheless, my present music activity could be divided into three general parts; commissioned works, personal projects and teaching assignments. To date a lot of my work has been for TV and theatre. TV: film, documentary and publicity; which have been broadcast all over the world, including in some of the most unsuspecting and unlikely parts, including the BBC! Theatre: my work has principally been here in Italy with Teatro Blu; a small professional company based in Cadegliano VA

As far as music compositions, these have always existed, ever since having started the piano at age 5 when copying down on the piano, music from the Aristocats. These include a multitude of different works for a variety of combinations depending on the different situations of the time, and thus encompassing works for wind-band, orchestra, string quartet, jazz band, rock/funk band, as well as that for schools and teaching material. However, more recently these projects have been more focused on ambient and music for relaxation and meditation.

The venture into recording and music production all began in about year 2000, when I did an on-line MFTM course for media music production. Here I learnt about writing for assignment and synchronisation to film, and really got to grips with sound recording in a computer based studio. Two of the things which arose from doing this course, apart from gaining confidence in the studio, was firstly the depositing of tracks at several music libraries, from where television work then later hatched, and secondly getting in contact of Teatro Blu. With Teatro Blu I have been fortunate enough to collaborate on numerous occasions.

One of the joys of working with a theatre company like Teatro Blu is, apart from seeing your work being used, is the working together with other artists, who although not being musicians, often have very clear ideas about what they want from the music and what they want the music to do. The other thing that I enjoy about working in the theatre is that it gives me an opportunity of experimenting and trying different things, and immediately seeing how, or if, these ideas work; and when they don't, having the opportunity of trying something new straight away. Something which is not always so straight forward in other medias.

Through my interest in hypnosis, meditation and natural healing, I have also been producing ambient and music for relaxation and meditation under the name of Cashmar as well as my own name. These works are specially designed to take effect in certain ways, being calming and giving security; being interesting enough to gain the minds attention, but then lulling it into a state of peace and tranquillity. These tracks have very often been incorporated into Rob's hypnosis recordings. 


Lastly but by no means least, over the years I have always enjoyed music teaching in the form of individual instrumental lessons, coaching local pupils, both kids and adults, as well as preparation and entering of music examinations. These music courses have not only been for the violin and piano, but also trumpet and brass instruments, as well as the guitar, and even chamber music coaching, wind-band and orchestra conducting. Once again this work has also incorporated a fair amount of musical composition!


Rob’s Bio